Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field

Tens of thousands of fans come out to see the Chicago Cubs every time they play at their home stadium, Wrigley Field. This long-running franchise has had a strong home season career during this season with only one recorded loss at the time of writing. The Cubs, led by head coach Joe Maddon, are looking to continue their record of incredible games and high-performance on-field action that has led them to their 2016 World Series title. It’s anyone’s guess whether the Cubs will continue their strong home-field performance, but commentators are predicting that Wrigley Field will be the home of many victories during this coming season and you can have the best seats in the house to enjoy the competition.

Chicago Cubs Tickets:

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Whether you have followed the Cubs for years or if you only recently cheered on the Red, White, and Blue, Chicago will be home for the best games this coming season. So make sure that you act fast to get the best seats in the house, because when the Cubs make it to Wrigley Field, Chicago will be on the edge of their seats for the intense action that is sure to come. Don’t delay, because the best tickets are selling out fast!

The North Siders Overcome

You can’t talk about professional MLB play without talking about the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs, originally known as the White Stockings, were one of the founding members of the National League Central Division in 1876. The team played their home games in Chicago’s North Side from their home field at Wrigley Field. Once Chicago established the White Sox as their second team, the Cubs were known by locals as the North Siders, since their stadium was located on the northern half of the city. Ever since those early years for the franchise, it was clear that Chicago stood for Baseball and the Chicago Cubs were as much a part of Chicago as any other feature.

Throughout their long-running existence, the Cubs have appeared in eleven World Series. They had success in 1906 winning 116 games with a 116-36 record which was a modern record winning percentage of .763. The team made three consecutive World Series appearances that included two winning seasons in 1907 and 1908. The team had a long 71-year National League pennant drought that ended when head coach Joe Maddon led the team to their 2016 National League Championship Series win and 2016 World Series. The team has also made ten appearances in the postseason following the start of divisional play in 1969, and the franchise looks ready to continue this upward trend.

Their success in 2016 led to their 2017 season drive to be the first team to repeat as World Series Champions since the Yankees three year run from 98-2000. The drive suffered an early struggle as the team had few games over .500. The franchise also had struggling pitching staff and offense that never quite lived up to the achievements of the 2016 season. Following this, the team made free agent signings to bolster the pitching staff including signing on Yu Darvish for a six-year contract for the 2018 season. This bolster helped the team maintain first place in their division for most of the season, even after key players had to miss several games due to injuries including the recently acquired Darvish.

Even with these difficulties, the continued resilience and determination of the Cubs shows through in their on-field performance which has led to a consistent attendance for all home games this season of an average of about 34,000. If you love baseball and want to see if the North Side Chicago Cubs can overcome the odds for their World Series bid, then order your tickets today.

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The Missing Ingredient for Chicago Cubs Success

Chicago Cubs fans call out one of the more popular slogans “Own It Now”, because of the recent success the team has found. A huge part of this success comes from the current head coach, Joseph John Maddon Jr. But what is it about this coach that has fans hopeful that the Cubs can continue their steady rise from their long-time pennant drought?

Maddon’s career in coaching began with his 1993 service with the California Angels where he served under managers, Buck Rodgers, Marcel Lachemann, Terry Collins, Mike Scioscia, and John McNamara. He later managed the Tampa Bay Rays from 2006-2014 where he led the team to win the 2007 American League pennant. He was given the choice to rejoin the team but opted out so he could lead the Cubs for the 2015 season. This move was initially controversial since Cubs management had promised former head coach Rick Renteria that he would be allowed to return to manage the club after the 2014 season. His firing was, according to management, in the best interests of the organization. Fans of the Cubs from across the country were worried if Maddon would be able to overcome this controversy to prove that he was a worthy investment.

Maddon led the team to a 2015 National League Championship Series and earned an award as the 2015 National League Manager of the Year. Bookmakers noticed and believed that Maddon was the missing ingredient needed for success and named the Cubs as their favorite to win the World Series in 2016. During that year, the team started strong becoming the first place in the NL Central on April 11, a lead that they never surrendered. The team had earned a 25-6 record by May 10 and would later post an incredible 103-58 regular-season record, which was their first 100+ win season in over 80 years. He built on this success and led the Cubs to their 2016 World Series title, the first since 1908.

Can Maddon and the Cubs continue this meteoric rise? The only way to find out is to order your tickets to their games this season.

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A Brief Guide to Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field, located on Chicago’s North Side, is one of the oldest fields in baseball. Originally opened in 1914 as Weeghman Park for the Chicago Whales of the Federal League, the cubs played their first game in the park on April 20, 1916, where they defeated the Cincinnati Reds with a score of 7-6. William Wrigley, best known for Wrigley chewing gum, acquired control of the Cubs in 1921 and named the field Cubs Park from 1920-1926 before changing the name to Wrigley Field the following year.
Wrigley Field is nicknamed “The Friendly Confines”, a phrase used and popularized by Ernie Banks, who was better known as “Mr. Cub”. The park is known for the ivy-covered outfield wall and the wind patterns that slide into the stadium off Lake Michigan, as well as the iconic red marquee hanging over the main entrance. Wrigley Field has a special place in the heart of Chicago residents and baseball enthusiasts alike, which keeps Wrigley field in a state of ongoing renovations to keep the stadium with its iconic beauty and luster while also modernizing aspects of the stadium for the new baseball fans that join audiences every year. These renovations include a gradual increase in seating capacity which expanded from 1914’s 14,000 seats to today’s 41,649 available seating.
What’s most exceptional to fans of the franchise is how much the team honors its history and heritage including how it celebrated its centennial. During their April 23rd game, the fields 100th anniversary, the Cubs played the Arizona Diamondbacks in a throwback game. The cubs wore the uniform of the Chicago Whales, while the Diamondbacks wore uniforms representing the Kansas City Packers mirroring the game played on April 23rd, 1914.
If Chicago stands for baseball, then the Cubs, without a doubt, stand for Chicago. You can celebrate this sports heritage by ordering tickets to see the incredible games that this season still has in store for the Cubs.